Golf Club Cellar Cold Room Installation South Toowoomba

City Golf Club South Toowoomba cellar cold room

Demolish and Redesign Cellar Cold Room and Keg Room

The City Golf Club located in South Toowoomba required their existing cold room and keg room to be demolished and rebuilt. The refrigeration system was also to be replaced with new equipment. Finally we were required a beer system.

Client – City Golf Club
Location – South Toowoomba

Job Details

  • Demolish cold room
  • Rebuild cellar room
  • New keg room
  • Install Glycol beer system with 39 taps

Commercial Cold Room Rebuild South Toowoomba

After demolishing the cold room we redesigned and installed new refrigeration equipment that was easy to access and provided space for stock.

Commerical cold room rebuild South Toowoomba

Install Glycol Beer System with 39 Taps

We installed a Glycol system which is effective cooling beer with its accurate temerature control.

In addition we hooked up 39 beer taps.

What is a Glycol system?

A glycol system, often referred to as a glycol cooling system or glycol chiller system, is a type of refrigeration system that uses a mixture of water and glycol (a type of antifreeze) as a cooling medium. These systems are commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications to control and maintain temperature within specific processes or equipment.

The primary purpose of a glycol system is to transfer heat away from a particular area or process by circulating the glycol-water mixture through a network of pipes or coils. The glycol absorbs heat from the target area and carries it to a chiller unit, where it is cooled down before being recirculated. This process helps to regulate temperatures efficiently and consistently.

Glycol systems find applications in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and various manufacturing processes. They are especially useful in situations where precise temperature control is critical to the quality and safety of products or equipment.

One common example is in breweries, where glycol systems are used to maintain the temperature of fermentation tanks and control the cooling of beer during production. They are also used in ice rinks to freeze the ice surface and in data centres to cool computer servers.

Overall, glycol systems play a crucial role in temperature management across various industries, ensuring that processes and products are maintained at the desired temperatures for optimal performance and quality.

Beer reticualtion system set up Toowoomba

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